Sunday, August 22, 2010

Whipped Into Shape (Part 1)

"'Cause size two clothes don't come to those too lazy to sweat!"

I never thought of myself as a particularly chubby person, to be honest, but I'm not healthy and that's a problem. I have gained a decent amount of weight in the past year or two and I'm working to get it off. Starting right now (well, actually yesterday, but...whatever).

Jess, over at Half of Jess, is starting a weigh-in challenge called Drop Dead Gorgeous by December and I'm into it. I'm especially into it because it focuses more on making you a better person and making you a healthier person than on being the skinniest you can be. I'm combining this with the rules of Bethenny Frankel's Naturally Thin book.

Here's why: I am entirely too young to be as unhealthy as I am. I would really like to make a change and what better time to start than now? I have three days off a week from class, so that's plenty of gym time to get in. My main goal is to be able to actually start running. I realize getting ready to do this by December is kind of stupid, but my college has an indoor track, so I can use that when Pittsburgh weather gets me down.

Once I get a scale (or find someone with Wii Fit), I plan on taking a picture (because part of Jess' challenge is taking positive pictures of yourself weekly) and weighing in. Yes, I said it. My weight for all to read. I am going balls to the wall to get this done and I have multiple support systems to help, including my dear momma, my friend from high school and fellow RA, Caitlin, our GA Chris, and now Jess and everyone else participating in Drop Dead Gorgeous by December. A support system helps, especially in making sure that you don't get lazy (like I probably will within like two weeks).

I'm very excited to start this and it'll be interesting to watch this attempt, especially living in a dorm and having a meal plan. There are healthier alternatives on campus, but...not too many. My two goals for DDGBD (which is also on Twitter, check it out) are to start running, like I said before, and to stop eating out as much (which will help save some money!). I'm a senior in college, I really need to start budgeting and worrying about money and going to grad school.

In other news, SORRY I've been so MIA. I started RA training and that owned my soul for the past two weeks. However, the rest of this building staff is FANTASTIC and it's been so much fun. I'm so glad that I'm surrounded by such great people. :)

Classes start tomorrow/Tuesday for me since I have no class MWF (WOO!). I can't believe summer's over already :( However, this is going to be the year, I can feel it. :)


So, here is the weight: 138 with clothes on as of about a half an hour ago. I hear you shouldn't weigh yourself at the end of the day and I have clothes on, so I'm really probs 135, but that's still a lot for being so short.

Ignore my awkward facial expression lol! Good luck to anyone else who's doing DDGBD! :)

"Whipped Into Shape" from Legally Blonde: The Musical; 2007


  1. Um, I need to get myself into shape too! Get it girrlllll.

  2. Oh yay, I'm so glad you're doing DDGBD! I feel like doing some lame one-liner, like CL girls UNITE. (oops, did it anyway) One of my goals is to start running, too. This is going to be fuuun. Woop!!

  3. I'm doing this too now that I just saw this on your page!! Such an amazing idea.

  4. Wow that's such a great idea! I feel ya, I really feel as if I could use to drop some LBS, and now this is something I'll definitely look into :)

  5. That is a great idea! Best of luck to you! I am going to have to check into it as well!!