Thursday, June 24, 2010


"But the only thing really that there is to do is forgive and forget. So, I really do, I want to forgive you...and I want to forget you."

Yes, I know it's from The Hills. THE HILLS?! But this exchange between former best friends Lauren and Heidi has come into my mind a lot as of late. With the recent demise of my friendship with Tom and watching Jill and Bethenny fall apart on The Real Housewives of NYC, I got to thinking about friendships.

I know that good friends last a lifetime, but how do you know someone's a really good friend. A friend should love you no matter what, right? A friend should listen to whatever you have to say and not judge you for it (perhaps guide you in a proper direction, but never judge). A friend should listen as much as they talk. A friend shouldn't talk about you behind your back (unless they're planning an intervention, in which case they're just being a good friend).

However, I've noticed a lot of my friends don't really fill this criteria. My so-called best friend (though, she thinks we are more than I do) judges me for dating people, being friends with people, etc. We're growing apart, even though we went to the same college and I'm more willing to accept it than her. It's really sad, but it's a part of life.

The one girl I've known forever, I would consider her my best friend, but I don't get to see her or talk to her very often. We're growing apart, but in a different way where we can kind of pick up right where we left off. I'm a senior in college. There's no prospect even the slightest bit on the horizon, but with a decent amount of my friends/people I know engaged, I sometimes think about my wedding way down the line and I honestly have no idea who my Maid of Honor would be...or my Mister of Honor.

In high school it was my on-again/off-again now ex-boyfriend that hands down would've been my Best Man. Now...I have no idea. And I HATE that so many people are getting married that I'm thinking about it. I'm not a committal person. I don't really like commitment. What difference does it make? I'll find one. Yet, it's still nagging me.

But then, I'm moving (fingers crossed). I'm a senior in college. I'm applying to grad schools. Five schools. One in Pittsburgh. Who knows what will happen if I relocate to NYC or SoCal? I just really hope I end up there. I don't want to be stuck here for two more years.

I feel like I'm hitting a rut and I'm far too young for that. Trying to get in shape is awful. I just don't get running! Like my friend Katelyn goes running and she's all, "No, you need to just run for like fifteen minutes and then your endorphins kick in and it's easy."

...HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO RUN THAT LONG? I can't even make it entirely around the block before my stomach feels flippy and my legs just want to buckle? Maybe if I didn't live in Pittsburgh, one of the hilliest places on the planet it'd be easier, but going up and down hill makes it impossible. I played field hockey and steered clear of cross country in high school for a reason.

I just wish I could wiggle my nose and be in shape. It's beyond even wanting to lose weight anymore, I just want to be able to walk up a hill and not huff and puff like an 80 year-old lifelong smoker. I still have a little more than a month before I head back to school, let's make this happen, right? Focusing on working out does help take my mind off of all the friendship nonsense that started this post, which is good :) If anyone has workout tips/healthy advice, please share! I'm drowning here.

"Goodbye" by The Spice Girls; 1998

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You've Got a Friend in Me...

"The toys are back in town."

Disney definitely knows how to promote a new film. Especially a Disney/Pixar collaboration and frankly, why shouldn't they? All seven of Disney/Pixar films have been a commercial success to this point, why should Toy Story 3 be any different? Well, it isn't. It was everything I imagined and more after an eleven year absence.

Andy is all grown-up and he moves past his toys. The movie opens with all of them (even Woody and Buzz) tossed in a toy box, forgotten for who knows how long. Desperate just to be held, the toys try to get Andy's attention by hiding his cell phone in the toy box and calling it. Unfortunately it doesn't entirely work.

Andy's mom strolls in and pops the statement most college students hate to hear: "It's time to pack up your room!" Faced with a box full of toys and his younger sister's eagerness to takeover his room, he's left with the options of: attic, trash/donations, college. To keep Molly occupied, their mom tells her to donate some more of her toys to the ironically named Sunnyside Daycare Center, and pop! in goes Barbie as Molly is now more focused on MP3 players.
Simply put, a mix-up happens and the toys all wind-up at the daycare center where they are forced to be with the crazy toddlers who abuse toys. Many great and (some) evil toys and new characters are introduced at this point in the film - most of which are just as charming as the usual suspects. As a devoted fan of Hamm, I was excited that he was still around and to see a sequence featuring Evil Dr. Porkchop. However, it's Mrs. Potatohead that COMPLETELY steals the movie, missing her eye for the majority of the film.

The end of the movie is absolutely heartbreaking. I won't give anything away, but be prepared for some tissues. Almost everyone I know, myself included and college-aged boys, cried for the last twenty minutes or so of the movie.

This movie is Disney/Pixar at its finest. Was this my favorite movie in the franchise? No. However, they did fall as follows:
  1. Toy Story
  2. Toy Story 3
  3. Toy Story 2
I can't believe that this trilogy was almost the first for all three films to have a 100% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. I also fully support petitions against the three (just THREE) critics that gave the film less than positive reviews, mostly because I don't feel that the second installment was nearly as good as the third. I would definitely flip flop these scores - however, Toy Story 3 is still boasting a 98% Fresh rating, which is outstanding for a film on the site.

This movie was everything that I wanted and even more after waiting eleven years, which was great. The time off and away from Andy's toys really seemed to go a long way and it shows in the quality of the film. I laughed, I cried and I loved. This wasn't as sad as a three-minute montage of "when somebody loved me," but in a new way. Buzz has some glitches and it's hilarious. Hamm and Mr. Potatohead are sarcastic. The humor in this movie (as in the previous two) was very smart; something you can only appreciate once you get older as my mom told me when I was little and as I see now. On that note, it was great to see the wide range of people in the theater. There were little kids there that were introduced to these characters on the big screen for the very first time and then there were people my age, in their early twenties, that were introduced to these characters eleven years ago, catching up with old friends on-screen and off.

That's what the movie felt like. It felt like I was catching up with old friends again. It was familiar and it didn't disappoint. The commercials are not lying when they say, "you want all movies to be this good." I saw the film in 3D, but I don't think that you HAVE to see the film in 3D to appreciate it (as the best of movies seem to work).

It had been so long since I'd seen a Disney/Pixar film in theaters that I forgot about the Pixar shorts in the beginning. There was a very beautiful one called Day & Night before Toy Story 3 and it was just as charming as the feature film. It was visually stunning and really told a story without using any words. I really hope it's released with the DVD because I'd like to own it.

Overall, I give Toy Story 3 an A rating. It's not an A+ like the first installment (that was so original and unique), but it was a great film that I would pay $9 to see again in theaters. Definitely go check it out if you're on the fence. At the very least you'll get some laughs and some "awwe" moments out of it. :)

"You've Got a Friend in Me" by Randy Newman; 1995

Friday, June 4, 2010

Labels or Love?

"Year after year, twenty-something women come to New York in search of the two L's: labels and love. Twenty years ago, I was one of them."

I hope to be one of those women by the time I'm twenty-three. Needless to say, Sex and the City is the life (though, less promiscuous) I dream of when I finally get the balls to relocate to NYC and when Carrie Bradshaw said these words in the first movie, tears leapt into my eyes, making me giddy.

I was quite ecstatic to find out what I could about the sequel and I couldn't believe that the day was finally upon me last Thursday. It was finally time to get reacquainted with the girls and see what they had been up to for two years.

It was exciting and refreshing to see the girls as they met in the late 80s and it added to my anticipation. I whispered to my friend, watching Carrie struggle with her luggage in 1986 New York, "Is this going to be me in two years, but with smaller hair?"

The movie was pretty funny, highlights including Samantha thrusting the air, screaming, "Yes, CONDOMS! I HAVE SEX!" and Miranda's enthusiasm about going to Abu Dhabi. The thing that I was anticipating the most was the return of Aidan Shaw, a great love lost on Carrie's part. As someone who doesn't entirely care for Mr. Big, I was hoping Carrie would realize what a horrible mistake she's made and get back together with Aidan, as outrageous as that seems.

The major complaint that I have in terms of that subject matter is that I wish Aidan was in it more. I also agree with the majority of critics to an extent. There's no true blue substance to this movie. It definitely did not need to be as long as it was, that's for sure. There was a point somewhere between Carrie's first encounter with Aidan and her second that my mind started to wander.

It was a pleasing little girls night out film, but it doesn't stand as strong as the first one. I missed being in New York, as beautiful as "Abu Dhabi" (or actually Morocco) was. You can't have Sex and the City, when you can't have Samantha having sex IN the city. Samantha, who I would have choked if she started thrusting the air around me in conservative Abu Dhabi. She's lucky she only got arrested in my opinion.

The character that truly shines is surprisingly Miranda, who I usually detest. She was light and funny, having ultimately quit her job and when she made it to see Brady win the science fair, it made me so happy for her. I'm glad she's getting everything she wants, especially after her major screw-up in the first fillm. It was quite a developmental change for her character.

As for Charlotte and Carrie, well...I felt a little bad for them both. Then my sympathy for Carrie went out the window when she insulted Charlotte, running off to meet her ex-fiance.

Something missing too much from both movies? STANFORD! He's my favorite character and I was so happy to see his nuptials with Anthony, and I know he's not really one of the girls, but a little part of me wishes I could have seen him in Abu Dhabi. Or, you know, seen the development of his relationship with Anthony. That was definitely missing in the first one. Talk about random.

Overall, the movie wasn't awful. Hands down, my favorite outfit of Carrie's was this one:
I just thought that outfit was sheer perfection and I want it. So bad.

I don't slam Sex and the City 2 like most other critics do, but it definitely wasn't on the same bar as the first one, in my opinion. I give it a B-. It is a great girls night out, though, and a ton of fun.

"Labels or Love" by Fergie; 2008